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We believe the most effective way of reaching nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through the planting of healthy churches.

Our Church Planting Mission

Our mission is to attract, equip, resource and mobilise called and committed church planters with strong church planting teams who will build healthy churches that influence their communities.





We believe we are yet to see all that God has for us and for Australia. There are:

More disciples to make
More leaders to be empowered
More churches to be planted
More communities to be reached

Our Church Planting Process

Through involvement in the local church you will have proven competency and consistency in a range of attributes including:

  • A deepening relationship with God demonstrated through proven character, as represented in 1 Tim:3.
  • Competency in a range of ministry skills such as preaching, shepherding, utilising the gifts of the Spirit
  • Undertaking recognised bible and theology studies
  • Alignment with the values, vision and mission of INC

  • Holistic personal health
    (physically, emotionally, relationally and financially)
  • Influencing the unchurched towards a relationship with Christ and integration into a local church
  • Effective leadership skills demonstrated by leading and reproducing teams which reach substantial goals

Your next step towards the launch of the church.

  • Complete an online application for entry into the INC Planting on Purpose pathways and training
  • Undertake a trait analysis to determine suitability as a potential church planter
  • Attend a one-day training event where you will:

  • Hear from senior INC leaders and planters
  • Understand the journey towards your launch
  • Be assigned a coach for your onward journey

  • Be assigned a National executive member as a contact point and mentor
  • Develop a plan for your personal growth
  • Connect with other planters on the same journey

Thorough assessment for readiness is crucial to the success of a church plant. Attend a two-day training event where you will:

  • Undertake a thorough assessment with your spouse based on 13 proven church planter competencies
  • Develop a coaching plan to address pertinent areas resulting from this assessment

  • Continue to connect with other planters on the same journey
  • Increase momentum towards your launch
  • Continue on your coaching journey

Now we start to dig deeper to ensure all foundational aspects of church planting are understood and implemented.
Attend a two-day training event you where you will:

  • Continue to build relationship with significant INC leaders
  • Hear from senior INC leaders and planters
  • Grow in your understanding of church health and church growth principles
  • Assess progress of your plan for your personal growth
  • Develop and commit to your launch strategies

  • Understand the governance and systems of INC
  • Identify and secure financial resources
  • Be aligned with significant INC mentors and churches
  • Continue on your coaching journey
  • Secure permission to launch an INC church

Start Your Church Planting Journey

Church Planting in Australia Only

Church Plant Application (Australia Only)